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Essential 8+

Australian Cyber Security Centre Partnership

As a network partner with the Australian Government's Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Atlantic Digital incorporates strategies and intelligence from the government body in our solutions, while also looking at the current climate including the global pandemic that rocked our nation.

ACSC Essential 8

Developed by The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the Essential Eight is a series of baseline strategies taken from the Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents document, advising on how to implement the strategies and how to measure the maturity of their implementation.


What are the benefits of the Essential 8?

  • Implementing the Essential Eight proactively ensures that cyber security defences are tuned to minimise and mitigate cyber security incidents affecting your business.

  • Protecting your business against Phishing, Social Engineering, Malware and Ransomware covers most attack vectors for hackers to disrupt your operations.

  • Being pro-active and following industry best practices for cyber security can save you time, money, and lost data in the event a cyber-attack hits your business

The Essential 8 mitigation strategies​

Safeguarding your business
  • Implementing the Essential Eight and auditing the results of these practices provides a business with a firmer understanding of their security posture and the ability to defend and recover from cyber-attacks in an organised and efficient manner.

  • Understanding which Maturity Level of the Essential Eight your business is at, through an Audit against the Essential Eight practices, provides your business with a roadmap to cyber security success.

In addition to the ACSC's Essential Eight framework, Atlantic Digital audits and recommends additional controls to further protect your business. The Essential 8+

Our guide to Cyber Defence

1. Awareness
UNDERSTAND THE RISKS AND IDENTIFY YOUR WEAKNESSES. Cyber security is largely about detecting where we are vulnerable and mitigating the risk before disaster strikes.

2. Protection

CHOOSE YOUR OWN PLAN OF ATTACK. Unfortunately no one organisation will ever be able to guarantee that they wont be impacted by cyber crime. But, if you put strong, well thought out and researched cyber security measures into place, you can minimise the risk of an attack on your business

3. Review

HACKERS WILL KEEP CHANGING THE WAY THEY HACK, SO YOU MUST KEEP CHANGING YOUR SECURITY. You could almost go as far as saying that step three in our proven three step formula is the most important step of all

Start your Cyber Security journey with us

Our team of specialists in security, networking and systems administration work hand in hand with each other to ensure our clients are protected across their IT landscape.

We believe cyber security services should be accessible to all businesses – our Essential 8+ auditing and reporting services are provided in a range of packages designed to suit the smallest operation through to the largest enterprise.


Essential 8+ baseline maturity audit and report


Essential 8+ maturity audit + ACSC top risks to business


Essential 8+ maturity audit + ACSC top risks to business and Comprehensive Risk Assessment Report

All our packages are designed to position business stakeholders to begin making informed decisions to improve their organisation’s security posture and develop roadmaps to a secure future

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Having the right IT structure in place during times of change is critical to enable your growing business to continue business-as-usual. New work norms are requiring more employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, without losing collaboration and efficiency levels. 

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