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Right now is the perfect time to modernise your company's IT platform and take advantage of these great offers from Atlantic Digital!

The world has changed and it is more important now more than ever for businesses to have productive staff working securely in a cost effective way.

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6 months free access to Microsoft 365 and your second month of support for free for new customers transitioning their existing platforms to Microsoft 365.

We are a dedicated IT support company with more than 20 years' experience helping businesses remove the headaches of managing their IT systems. We are a trusted business partner for companies of all sizes throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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How to Build Your Modern Workplace

Our IT professionals have been working remotely, collaborating in virtual workplaces at home or from customer sites for years. This has put us in the best position to assist any business with the transition to a modern workplace, where your staff can access any data or communication channel they require.


To build this level of IT security and flexibility in the past would have required a big IT investment. The speed with which technology and work-practices are changing is causing disruption across all businesses. It’s not enough anymore to use whatever solutions might be on hand. Businesses need to be smarter about how they leverage their IT.


We can show you how and can use a variety of tools and applications to fit your budget.

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Stay engaged with your staff and customers

Leverage a range of IT platforms that can be securely configured to extend your corporate network and allow your staff to collaborate. Our consultants can guide your team through options and demonstrations on modern workplace configurations.


  • Web Meetings

  • Video Conferencing

  • File Sharing

  • Customer Engagement


  • User Workspace

  • Hardware & Software

  • Personal Backup

  • Cloud Services


  • Core Business Applications

  • Data Management

  • Enhanced Monitoring

  • Backup & Continuity


  • Internet Access

  • Corporate Remote Access 

  • Team Collaboration

  • IP Telephony


  • Password Management

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Data Encryption


  • Business Advice

  • User Support

  • Infrastructure Hosting

  • Remote Workforce

Stay Connected

Working from home or remote locations can present social challenges, particularly with the current Coronavirus situation. Ensure staff can work comfortably, stay focused, stress free and connected during these transitional times. 

Engage with us to ensure your business has a plan on how to connect staff for business outputs and socialising to maximise productivity.

We're ready to help, anytime - Call us now:
1300 699 077
New Zealand
0800 699 077
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Having the right IT structure in place during times of change is critical to enable your growing business to continue business-as-usual. New work norms are requiring more employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, without losing collaboration and efficiency levels.